Intelag helps record and analyse
field conditions in real-time

We do it by merging location specific sensor data and
the best agronomic models in one easy to use software tool.

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We help growers by solving3 critical issues
integrated pest
precise irrigation
Powerful and simple software
Intelligent alerts
Sensor data - analyzed
NDVI images
Grower's managment records
Our team is dedicated
to your success
We help make decisions, rather than
just show data. Our team works with
your local agronomists to analyse the
information and provide real-time
management advice and forecasts
Our sensors
We wanted to make precise data collection
and analysis affordable and easy. That is
why we spent more than 2 years building
and testing our own equipment.
All devices are separate and wireless,
allowing us to install them in most
representative places.
Solar radiation
Temperature and
Relative Humidity
Temperature and
Relative Humidity
Temperature and
Relative Humidity
FDR Soil Moisture:
one depth - 30 cm
four depths - 100 cm
We are part of
Our clients
Every process on the farm is connected,
so we have big future plans to help you manage
inventory, keep track of applications and forecast your business.
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